Monday, October 26, 2009

YOUR 2010 TWINS!!!!

I gotta weird feeling about next year.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baseball Boogie Bunch

Since I've got nuthin' on the Twins, I thought I'd post this delicous video of the 1986 LA Dodgers doing what they do best:

Sing, dance, and be totally 80s.

Here you are. You're welcome.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Big ups go out to Michael "Cuddy Bear" Cuddyer for being voted September's "Clutch Player".

Of course, as baseball fans know, there really isn't such a thing as a 'clutch' player. There are good and great players who do well all of the time, but 'clutch' is a term used by people like Joe Morgan and Joe Buck to describe players ability to hit well in certain situations (when generally they hit well most of the time - "Hi, Joe Mauer!").

Anyway, take what you can, Cuddy. Head downtown Minneapolis, get your drink on at Old Chicago, maybe hit on a girl who looks hot but might be a dude because the lighting isn't really that great in there, pop a couple of Xanax, puke in Nick Punto's Kia Sorento and enjoy the moment; enjoy the kudos.

You done did us proud after Morneau got hurt, so grab that beautiful, glorious sunlight of stardom while you can, and keep fuckin' that chicken.


Is This Thing On?

Broadcasting LIVE from Small Town Wisconsin, USA!

Also, I'm on beer #4 for the evening.

As I'm sure none of you remember, I wrote a blog many moons ago called The Baseball Boys. It was a Twins/Pirates blog (heavy on the Twins content), and did pretty well. We even appeared in an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune alongside such Twins blogging heavyweights as Aaron Gleeman and TwinsGeek.

It was a glorious, magical time. I remember it fondly.

Then suddenly, I got burnt out. Churning out posts every single day is like being on the receiving end of the Houston 500 (Google it). Plus, I considered myself the "funny" one of the Twins bloggers at the time. Sort of a dubious honor. Like someone comparing you favorably to Peter Tork of the Monkees.

Then Batgirl came along and blew everyone (including me) away. Her blog was genius, hilarious and insightful. I knew there was a new sheriff in town.

All good things must end, so I "hit my dinger and hung 'em up".

What does that have to do with anything at all? (I just cracked beer #5, so forgive any typos or really awkward sentences)

For years, I've been wanting to start up writing about the Twins again, but dreaded the day-in-day-out grind of the whole thing.

Then I went to the Twins/Tigers one game playoff last week and saw one of the greatest games I have ever seen live-and-in-person.

I was inspired.

Even after the heartbreak of miscues and bad umpiring of the series sweep at the hands of the HATED Yankees, I was still excited. And more importantly, excited about the future of the team. There were (and are) a lot of "what ifs?".

So yeah. I'm back. I'm not going to promise to write every single day, but I'm going to do my damnedest to make this little weblog fun, funny, interesting and insightful.

Bookmark me in your Google Reader or Bloglines. Hopefully, you won't be disappointed.